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World History

The history of the world is obscured through myth and legend, however old scrolls and manuscripts still remain of a time before. They are priceless in and of themselves and are treasures beyond counting. Even possessing such a treasure can be a death sentence for those who are not prepared. In those ancient tomes it is written that at the dawn of creation dragons stalked the earth. They were ancient beyond time and powerful beyond measure. No one is sure when or why they came or even how they arrived but they existed for a time far before the age of man. Later much, much later other races began arriving. Some all at once, other slowly one by one. Few had any memories and fewer resources. They fought and died with each other over the few scraps they managed to find. It is unclear of what or how it happened but the dragons forced some kind of order through the chaos and the world as we know it began to take shape. But that, much like any story is for another time.

The current world of Father Flame is entering its 3rd cycle of war and devastation. How that is measured is a matter of some debate however it is known that the world of Father Flame is roughly Ninety Thousand years old. There was a time before called the pre-dawn years, but no records of that time remain to the public.  

Current Factions

Vampires: The single strongest faction on the continent located in the South East corner. They have a standing army of ten thousand vampire knights and as many as fifty thousand auxiliary units.  The current Vampire King is Ozul Kar’Nalgar. 

Lycanthropes: The second strongest single faction on the continent located in the North East corner of the land. They have a standing army of eight thousand combat tested Lycanthropes and sixty thousand auxiliary units. The biggest difference and what is being claimed as a the only reason they still exist is that they have the aid of fifty powerful elemental’s. Current leader is Thyrius Longfang. 

Gnomes: While not a great military power by other standards the Gnomes have a standing army of three thousand with a mercenary contingent of another seven thousand troops from a famous mercenary company by the name of Knights of Russ. What keeps the gnomes independent is the insane amount of trade and wealth as well as defensive inventions of both horror and wonder. The current Gnome leader is Panakur the Wise however he leads a council or peers. They are located in the North West.   

Dwarves: No one really knows the full strength of the Dwarvish military. What is known is that the dwarves have formed several military alliances working with the Gnomes in matters of defense. Otherwise no one knows the full extent of their military might. The Dwarvish high Thane is Atek Ironforge and has ruled the Dwarf kingdoms for the last thirty years. Common estimates show their standing army at five thousand heavy infantry and another thirty thousand armored dwarves. They are located in the South West of the map.

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